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We intend to produce great vacation experiences by matching availability with demand - at the owner level! If you want to rent your week, just fill out this form and we'll post the information for all the world to see. Set your own rates. Collect your own money, no 'fees', no percentage, you receive the entire amount. At least, initially, we won't post prices on the website, leaving you to make your best deal. What we will post are competitive nightly rental rates around the Winter Park area.

We're providing this service for free with the clear understanding that Indian Peaks Interval Owners Association, nor it's employees are involved in any way, or responsible for, any terms of agreements between owners and their customers. Negotiate the terms between you, let us know who's coming, we'll provide a clean, well-appointed unit, just like we do for you. Here's how:

1. Fill out the simple form to rent your unit.

2. When contacted by a customer, negotiate your own terms directly with them. Collect the money in satisfactory terms and in appropriate time to verify the funds are good.

3. When you rent your unit, you must let us know who's coming. They won't get in without your express permission. To notify us please fill out the form to tell us who you rented to or email us at

4. One complete clean and stocking is included in your dues. If you rent part of the week and want to use the rest, you will incur the full cost and stocking for the second clean, a value of approximately $100. We hope this new feature adds to your Owner's Advantage.

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