Indian Peaks Resort

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Explore Something Grand!
Indian Peaks Condominiums are conveniently
located just outside of Winter Park, Colorado,
in the town of Fraser. Situated in the Heart of Grand County, Indian Peaks is close to Winter Park Resort,
shopping, restaurants, nature and more! There is a free shuttle that stops at the entrance to the
property every half hour during the winter months.

Welcome to the Indian Peaks Resort website. Indian Peaks Condominiums are managed by High Point Hospitality. For management questions, please email This website is setup to rent and sell units, as well as update owners about their interval owners association.

You can access lots of information from this site, such as information as to what you and your family can do while you are enjoying your vacation in Winter Park and the Fraser Valley. You can communicate with other owners via the Message Board. As a timeshare owner, you have many advantages. Check out Owners Advantage section to find out more.

Adobe Acrobat is required to view links to pdf files, such as the Timeshare Calendar and Newsletter. You can get Adobe Acrobat free by clicking on the Get Acrobat Reader icon below:

Needed to download Indian Peaks Interval Owners Associations Newsletter and Timeshare Calendar.

Indian Peaks
817 County Road 834
Fraser, CO 80442

click here for general location and driving directions

* Attention Owners *

NEW On Site Check-In

• Check-in is now On Site
from 4-6pm on Fridays! Call
970.363.7149 for late check-in

• Indian Peaks is now managed by
Jon de Vos at High Point Hospitality:

2016 Property Tax Info
• 2 bedroom unit $13.80
• 3 bedroom unit $14.52

Looking for a
Rental Agreement
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At least 20 Indian Peaks’ owners have fallen victim to scam artists who promise to “end your timeshare dues forever”. The scams take a few different forms, either you get ‘points’ at another resort, or a club membership in an expensive vacation plan, or some other scheme to help you pay even more money to be “rid of your ownership”.

They will take your check or credit card in exchange for some so-called benefit that has a wildly inflated value. But what happens to your deed? Here’s what they stay quiet about: you’ve signed paperwork along the way that gives them authority to transfer your property. They use a shell 2nd party like Vacation Transfers LLC, or something similar, to transfer the deed to a shell 3rd party like Francis Trips LLC, or Taylor Tours LLC, two actual corporations that took title that way and combined owe more than $5,900 in back dues. And they are only two of 20.

Your association is determined that it will not accept transfers that they suspect of being fraudulent. The new Transfer Rule, adopted by the Indian Peaks’ board of directors is being recorded at the county and will be posted when that is complete and linked here. Stated simply the rule states that the association will not recognize transfers to corporations or individuals suspected of being fraudulent by nature of their similar past default on obligations.

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