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~ Rental Use Program ~

Thank you for your interest in our Rental Use Program. Please look over the terms and conditions below. Should you have any questions before proceeding please email

RENTAL USE PROGRAM TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Hideaway Hospitality agrees to split 60/40 net of rental revenue received with owner. Hideaway Hospitality is required to pay rental taxes to the county and commissions to any third-party reservation site used to advertise and book rental weeks. Hideaway Hospitality will advertise vacation rentals directly and on third party rental sites like VRBO/HomeAway, AirBnB, Expedia and its affiliates to maximize rental exposure. Third party rental sites require commissions to advertise and such commissions will be split between the owner of the week and Indian Peaks equally. Such commissions may be as little as 10% and as high as 25%. Hideaway Hospitality will adjust rates and nightly minimums based on the market, but try to hold to a three-night minimum. Net rental revenue will be credited to owners accounts and will be paid by the 15th of the month following the reservations departure date or as soon as Hideaway Hospitality is paid by third party sites. Third party site payments may be delayed up to a month after guest departure. Confirmation of net rental revenue received to owners will be confirmed via email by Hideaway Hospitality to said owner. Any weeks added to the Rental Use Program cannot be deposited with any exchange companies, cannot be sold in duality, or overbooked. Owners agree to release their week to Hideaway Hospitality to try and place a rental guest. Rental guest placement is not guaranteed. Should a guest not be placed via the Rental Use Program no penalty or cost will be accrued to the owner. Hideaway Hospitality’s goal is to be able to build this program and, to ultimately, get guests to return and book directly. In this way, Hideaway Hospitality hopes to be able to offer higher earnings and more revenue without added commissions to owners. Future success requires that Hideaway Hospitality and owners honor guest reservations and make their stay the best possible once weeks are placed into the Rental Use Program.

If you agree to the terms and conditions above please respond in confirmation of said terms and conditions to Once confirmation is received Hideaway Hospitality will place your week into the Rental Use Program.

Thank you for being a part of Indian Peaks and the Rental Use Program through Hideaway Hospitality.

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