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~ Owners Advantages ~

hot tub at Indian PeaksThere are several advantages to your vacation ownership at Indian Peaks. Not only can you visit your home resort year after year, but you may also choose to participate in an exchange to somewhere new. 

There are several exchange companies affiliated with Indian Peaks Resort. Here is a list of those most frequently used by owners: 

• RCI 800-338-7777

• Interval International 800-843-8843

• DAElive 1-800-468-1799 or

The exchange company will be able to provide you a list of membership packages and fees when you contact them. 

Perhaps you just need to change the dates of your week or change to a larger unit size. If so you should persue the list of other owners listed for In-house trades. This is a free service provided by your Association and High Point Hospitality to help you network with interval owners in Winter Park. To find out more about In-House Trades Click Here. Please be aware there is a $50 charge to process any trade.

Indian Peaks now offers in-house trades. If your dates will not work for you for the week that you own we can "swap" weeks so you can still enjoy your home resort. There is a $50 fee involved in the swap. The sooner you know the sooner we can get you booked.

Also, if you can not use the week you own or need a different week we will do a deed swap. We can send a list of available weeks to you upon request. Once you decide on a week you will need to email or call so we can discuss details of the deed swap. There is a fee involved and the price will depend on the week you trade for. Recording and deed fees are $150.

As an added benefit we will rent an additional week to any owner in good standing for $600. Call for a list of available weeks.

We are now offering an upgrade program. If there is a better week in IPA inventory that you would rather have than the one you currently own, we will upgrade. Prices vary depending on the week. Paper work and recording fees are still $150.


NEW INTERVAL RENTAL PROGRAM. Owners will be able to post their own rental rates and screen their own rental guests. This is a great opportunity to rent a week at a discounted rate. Provide your guest with specific rules regarding your property. Particularly, NO pets of any kind are allowed, this is strictly enforced with a $250.00 fine per day until the pet has been removed from the unit.

Click Here to Post Your Week for Rent.

Click Here to See Units for Rent.

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If you have any questions about taking full advantage of your vacation ownership, contact Jon DeVos, your interval owner representative at 970.363.7149 or by email at

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